We promote play based education and adhere to national guidance from The Curriculum for Excellence (CFE); Pre Birth to Three; Getting It Right for Every Child; Building the Ambition; How Good is our Early Learning and Childcare as well as local guidance from Learning Together in Dundee. Responsive planning is key to the learning opportunities and experiences we offer where the learning topics come directly from the children. Children share their ideas and thoughts through mind maps which staff implement into daily activities.  We use our fantastic outdoor space as much as possible and believe there’s nothing we can teach indoors that can’t be taught outdoors and encourage and support learning through play.

We place focus on the value of learners’ experiences and how the role of the teacher or child care practitioner is important in generating inspiring, challenging and motivating learning and teaching opportunities for the children in our care.

Through CFE we are ensuring that all children and young people are achieving their full potential. In order to do this our staff plan the children’s activities around what the children are interested in.  In our pre-school rooms we have a variety of different methods of consulting with our children on what they want to learn.  Some examples of this are mind mapping and children’s meetings where staff sit with the children and openly talk and discuss what they want to learn about.  From these discussions staff plan activities to further children’s learning.

The CFE is split into 4 Capacities which are:

  • Successful Learners
  • Confident Individuals
  • Effective Contributors
  • Responsible Citizens

Staff provide activities for children which have breadth and depth and enhance their knowledge.   Not only will the activities provided look at the 4 Capacities, they will also look at the 3 Core areas for learning in the CFE.  The core areas for learning are:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Health & Wellbeing

Each activity planned by our staff will cross over into these 3 areas of learning, enabling all learners to maximise their potential.

We are supported in this through partnership working with Dundee Council.