Fees & Funding

Please contact us for more information on our competitive fees here at Oranges & lemons.

At Oranges & Lemons we offer part time and full time sessions. We work in partnership with Dundee Council to offer 3-5 year old funded places.
Sessions available:

Belsize House
Clement ParkRosebankTechnology Park
Morning8.30am - 1pm
Afternoon1pm - 5pm or 5.30pm1pm - 5.30pm1pm - 6pm
Full Day8am - 6pm7am - 6pm

  • Discounts
  • 10% Sibling Discount
  • 5x AM/PM Session Discount
  • Full Time Place Discount

*T&Cs apply.
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Fees include:

Early years care and education

Freshly made, healthy snacks and meals

Regular outings in the local community

Access to a wide range of quality resources and equipment

Celebration of festivals throughout the year

E-Learning Journals and Ipads

ZooLab Visits

Monthly newsletters

Forest garden (only available at Technology Park)

Sports Session Classes (only available at Belsize House)

Kindermusik (only available at Clement Park)

Dance and Music Classes (only available at Rosebank)

Bi-Lingual staff (Latvian available at Rosebank)



Here at Oranges & Lemons we are pleased to work in partnership with Dundee City Council to provide funding for 3-5 year olds. Please contact from more information or if you would like to arrange a meeting with our manager to discuss what options of funding are available to you.

The decision to allocate funding is made by Dundee City Council. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 years may be eligible for 3-5 year old funding and the amount of funding depends on the number of sessions that the child attends nursery per week. Allocated funding is deducted from fees from approximately the middle of August to the end of June. Funding for children who attend less than 5 sessions will receive funding pro rata and funding can only be applied for at certain times of each year.

Tax Credits

If you receive tax credits the amount you are eligible for may be affected by using childcare vouchers. You can check whether you would be better off taking childcare vouchers through this free online calculator

Online Calculator

Many families do not take advantage of the financial help that is available to them for the cost of childcare. Families on middle as well as low incomes may be entitled to financial support such as Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credit. This extra help – called ‘the childcare element of working tax credits’ – is available to individuals on lower incomes to help with the cost of childcare.
The amount received is dependent on your circumstances and income, but could cover up to 70% of your childcare costs here at Oranges & Lemons. To be eligible, lone parents must work 16 hours or more per week, for couples, both partners must work 16 hours or more or one partner must work 16 hours or more per week if the other is unable to work for specific reasons.
To find out more and see if you are eligible for assistance, please visit:

Tax Credits Help  

or call the Tax Credit helpline on 0845 300 3900.

Fee Payments

Our preferred method of payment is via direct debit or paying online. Oranges & Lemons parent company, The Bertram Nursery Group accept payment for fees for any of its nurseries online. Click here to pay online.

Pay Fees Online

Other acceptable methods are childcare vouchers, cheque, credit card or standing order. Unfortunately we do not accept cash.

Child Care Vouchers allow you to pay nursery fees tax free from your salary. This is a salary sacrifice system of up to £55 per week per parent. The money comes directly off your salary before deductions, giving you savings on tax and National Insurance contributions. You will then receive a voucher or e-voucher that is given to the nursery and is deducted from your bill. A number of childcare voucher providers offer this service to companies, and many now have online systems. Please ask your employer if this is a benefit they offer. We are registered with a number of voucher providers and are happy to sign with other agencies as used by your employer.