Belsize House

Welcome to Oranges and Lemons, Belsize House.  We are a 60 place nursery, offering childcare from birth to 5 years.  We are open Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm. 

Our nursery is located within Belsize House, a beautiful listed building which retains many of its original features.  These unique features contribute towards our homely and welcoming nursery environment.  Our nursery is predominantly located on the ground floor of the building and we are fortunate to have large windows which flood the play rooms with light giving an airy and bright environment for our children to play.  

Surrounding our nursery we have access to a variety of green spaces and parks, with Dawson Park being only a short walk away.  We make the most of our fantastic surroundings and are regularly seen out and about in the local community.   Our youngest children are taken out in our double or triple buggies and our eldest children go out and about using our safe and secure “Walk-o-Diles”. 

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Our Team

“Belsize nursery is a welcoming environment which offers high quality care. Our children feel valued, safe and secure. They make very good progress in their learning and form strong friendships with their peers. The best part of my job is seeing our children grow and develop over the years, knowing I have played a very important part in this. I am very passionate about childcare and love to see children reach their full potential and flourish.”

Ashley Christie- Nursery Manager

Our team adopt a responsive approach to implementing effective learning and development experiences.  Children’s learning needs are at the centre of what we do.  We take on board children’s ideas, suggestions and learning needs when developing our curriculum. 

'Oranges and Lemons, Belsize House is a lovely place to be. Our staff are warm and friendly. We strive to provide high quality care and learning for all of our children in safe and stimulating environments'.  

Demi Graham, Deputy.

Our Rooms

We have 3 separate age groups within our nursery.  We have Babies (Children aged 0-2 years), Toddlers (Children aged 2-3 years) and Pre-School (Children aged 3-5 years).  Each age group has access to their own play rooms and space both indoors and out.

Baby Room (0-2 years)

In our Baby Room our highly experienced staff team care for children under 2 years of age, our minimum staff ratio is 1:3 and where possible this number will be lower.

Children have access to 3 separate play areas offering a variety of activities, experiences and equipment.  We have a large sleep room with cots and beds.  Our children benefit from having a quiet area to sleep away from the hustle and bustle of the play rooms.  We also have a separate room dedicated to creative and messy play.

At Belsize House, while we have a daily routine, the activities for any age group are planned around our children and their individual and group needs.  For our younger children a day could include: Songs and stories, sensory play, outdoor garden activities, fun with music, water play, physical ramp , pit and much more. 

Toddler Room (2-3 years)

In our Toddler Room children have access to a wide range of quality age appropriate resources and equipment.  Our room is divided into different sections to offer our toddlers opportunities to explore and investigate.  Our messy play area enables our children to use their creativity and imagination through painting easel and fancy dress days; and our dedicated sleeping area allows for a peaceful and calm environment for children to relax at any point throughout the day. 

We have no formal or ridged routine but instead work with our children to find out what they would like to learn about, and plan our activities around this.   We are dedicated in providing the correct resources to support and enable our toddlers to develop their confidence and independence.  Some activities that our toddlers particularly enjoy include; Planting seeds and harvesting crops from their very own vegetable garden, spending time outdoors on their bikes and trikes, creating music with an array of instruments, songs and stories and creating masterpieces with paint to play dough.

Preschool Room (3-5 years)

We actively encourage our preschool children to develop their independence.  We listen to them and through understanding their interests provide them with the resources, tools and support they require.  We benefit from close private toilets and support our children to develop their confidence with dedicated staff close by should anyone need support. 

Our preschool area consists of two bright playrooms split into different sections, offering a variety of development opportunities.  Some of our most popular experiences include cooking with the produce from our vegetable patch, reading and stories, topic exploration, sand and water play and adventures in the outdoors.

Our Garden & Outdoor Play

We love to get outside here at Belsize House where we are very fortunate to have an extensive outdoor area comprising of four large gardens and a unique secluded woodland area allowing for outdoor play in a natural environment.

Our children have opportunities to participate in outdoor play experiences when they wish with our gardens easily accessible to all age groups. Children love to play at the mud kitchen.

Weather does not limit our opportunities for outdoor learning so we ask parents to provide appropriate clothing so our children are always ready to explore all elements of nature.

As well as time in our fabulous gardens, we enjoy daily walks in the local community with a fondness for Belsize Park.  Our younger children go out in double buggies while our older children are safe and secure with their Walkodiles and high visibility vests.

Nursery Activities

We pride ourselves on offering inspiring experiences and opportunities throughout the year, covering a wide variety of topics and themes.  Developing our children’s knowledge and information around different subjects including “All About Me” and “Healthy Eating” in a fun and engaging way is at the core if our ethos.

Here at Belsize House we use the Curriculum for Excellence and promote healthy messages for our children.  We focus on health and well-being, always spending time outside encouraging our children to run, jump, climb and explore supporting them in developing their motor skills. 

We are pleased to offer children special additional extras such as sports sessions and E-Learning Journals and Tablets. Please contact us to learn more.